Tricks of Trade

At the Premier Sport Academy in association with Celtic F.C. we follow the Celtic Way

At the Premier Sport Academy-Celtic in association with CELTIC F.C. we follow the CELTIC Way, a complete Academy Player Development Programme, developed by coaches at CELTIC Football Club, alongside the latest English F.A. Future Game Curriculum.

This proven programme has enabled dozens of young players to progress into the CELTIC First Team and play in the Scottish Premiership, thousands more young players have developed their playing potential through this programme.

Our aim at the Premier Sport Academy-Celtic is to enable all our young players to access this programme and develop physically, mentally, tactically and technically,  enabling them to fulfill their playing potential. Players will learn individual moves, firstly mastering the technique then applying the move in unopposed then increasingly competitive match play.

Here are some of the individual moves our players will master using BOTH feet; Fake Take, Fake Fake Take, Circle Take, Circle Circle Take, Stop Turn, Drag Back, Inside Hook, Outside Hook, Bish Bash, Scissors, Inside Inside Flick, Studs Turn, Toe Roll, Late Touch, Okocha, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo,  Cruyff, Maradona.

To introduce the moves we ask the player to shout the moves out loud and talk to the feet.

We gradually introduce more complex coaching as players develop.

Here are some of the topics covered within our coaching sessions: Dribbling, Turning, Running with the Ball, Passing and Receiving, Defending, Goalkeeping, Movement, Overlaps, Diagonal runs, Creating Space, Awareness, Improvisation, Disguise, Attacking, Shooting, Throw-ins, Corners, Defending,  Roles,  Formations.

Players will also develop speed and endurance. Good acceleration is essential in football.  A player who can accelerate quickly has more chance of getting to the ball or into space before an opponent.

We use SAQ’s (Speed, Agility and Quickness) excercises; plyometrics, hurdles and ladder drills combined with ball skills to improve start speed and acceleration.

Team Games will enable players to apply what they have been practicing.



to compete at the highest level in Europe and the Middle East. Tours and tournaments in Bahrain, U.A.E. and Englad/Scotland.


from top English and Scottish (Glasgow Celtic F.C.) Premier League Coaches twice a year to Kuwait


at professional clubs in the U.K. for selected players, including attending live Premiership matches, stadium tours and training at the Celtic Academy in Glasgow